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International cooperation and lobbying in Brussels are becoming more and more important for our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Doctors Against Animal Experiments. After all, many decisions of national importance are made at EU level. Thus, DAAE is actively involved in two umbrella organizations:  ECEAE and Eurogroup for Animal Welfare.



European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

The umbrella organization was founded in 1990 by several animal welfare and anti-animal-testing organizations with the initial goal to abolish animal testing for cosmetics. Soon, other activities of European significance were added. In particular, the REACH chemicals regulation and the amendment of the Animal Experiments Directive were the focus of transnational lobbying and campaigning work for many years. After 23 years of hard work, the initial goal was achieved: In March 2013, the Cosmetics Regulation came into force, banning not only animal testing for cosmetic products and raw materials, but also the import of cosmetics and raw materials tested in animal experiments. However, this hard-won ban is currently being nullified by the EU itself.

DAAE has been an active member of the ECEAE since 2007. As an NGO officially recognized by the EU, ECEAE has stakeholder status in a number of EU bodies: ECVAM (European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods), ECHA (European Chemical Agency) and the EU Commission.



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Eurogroup for Animals (EfA)

The European Union was initially founded as a solely economic community, whose objectives were primarily in the field of trade, industry, and business. Animal welfare played no or a very subordinate role. In order to change this, a number of animal protection organizations joined their forces in the 1980s s to form the Eurogroup for Animals. It has become by far the largest umbrella organization in Europe with to date 81 member organizations from 24 EU countries as well as some non-EU countries such as Switzerland, Norway, the USA, and Australia, a 13-member board of directors, and around 30 employees. The Eurogroup advises the decision-makers in the EU Council, Commission, and Parliament on animal welfare policy issues and does a great deal of conviction work in this area. In the Intergroup on Welfare and Conservation of Animals, a cross-factional working group of the European Parliament initiated by Eurogroup, around 100 MEPs are regularly informed about urgent and current animal welfare issues. In addition to the political activities, Europe-wide campaigns are a focal point in order to draw the public's attention to animal abuse. The topics of the working groups include "farm" animals, animal transports, fish, horses, dogs/cats, wild animals, animal trade as well as animals in science. Since 2019, our NGO is an active member in the latter working group.

27th February 2023
Dr. Tamara Zietek