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A busy day in Brussels full of productive conversations

On 18 June, the first NGO-led multistakeholder roundtable on the Commission roadmap towards phasing out animal testing for chemical safety assessments took place in Brussels. 

This event brought together key stakeholders with expertise from across EU institutions, national regulators, industry, environmental protection and human health.

Building on the Commission's response to the successful European Citizen's Initiative 'Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics - Committ to a Europe Without Animal Testing', the collaboration and progress made during this session demonstrates promising steps towards our shared goal of phasing out animal testing.

In addition to our two umbrella organisations, the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) and the Eurgroup for Animals, the non-governmental organisations that initiated the roundtable were PETA, Humane Society International and Cruelty Free Europe. The ECEAE was represented by Emeline Gourgeon and Lila Courtot from Pro Anima, France.

ECEAE in Brüssel
Emeline Gourgeon and Lila Courtot represented our umbrella organisation ECEAE at the conversation with the European Commission.

NGOs beim Roudtable-Gespräch
The delegates of the NGO's at the roundtable discussion. 

Roundtable-Gespräch zum Ausstieg aus dem Tierversuch
Multi-stakeholder roundtable to discuss the phasing out of testing of chemicals on animals.