Research Prizes

Research prize for animal-free cancer research

In 2006 Doctors Against Animal Experiments bestowed a research prize for animal-free cancer research. A legacy specifically for this purpose made this possible. 

Prize winner: Dr Christoph Helma

In 2006 the IT specialist, toxicologist and chemist Dr. Christoph Helma of the Centre for Data analysis and Modelling in Freiburg received the science prize for animal-free cancer research of Doctors Against Animal Experiments. The prize of 10,000 euros was awarded to Helma for his work on the development, validation and publication of the computer program »lazar« (»lazy structure-activity relationship«).

This program can be used to predict the cancerogenic effects of chemicals. It evaluates the chemical structure of an unknown compound regarding its possible cancerogenic properties. The system is very accurate and can replace many animal experiments.

Further information : http://www.in-silico.de  

Prize winner Dr Christoph Helma (left) and Dr med Heide Stransky-Gärtner, Doctors Against Animal Experiments