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Educational films dubbed in Russian

Most teaching material which is suitable to replace harmful animal use in higher education is produced in the U.S. or Great Britain. English language skills are not very widly spread in the Ukraine and other former Soviet countries. In order to increase the acceptance of alternatives and to make progress with introducing an animal-friendly study in those countries, the availability of Russian and Ukrainian CD's and videos is crucial.

Russian versions of some computer programs were already produced by InterNICHE. We have now started to dub German educational films of the IWF Science and Media, Göttingen, into Russian. With kind permission of the IWF following films have been dubbed so far: 

  • Experiments on the physiology of the heart and circulation of the rabbit
  • Experiments on the isolated rabbit heart in the Langendorff apparatus
  • Anatomy and function of the skeletal muscle
  • Experiments on the impulse generation and impulse conduction in the frog heart
  • Circulation Experiments on the rat
  • Renal microcirculation

At the premiere of the films at the Universities of Simferopol, Dnipropetrowsk and Odessa at the end of September 2009 the present University teachers and students were very impressed. The high quality of the production both in content and sound were highly appreciated. These films will help to save many animal lives.  

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