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5 more departments in Ukraine switch to humane education

In April 2012 our Ukrainian contact person and InterNICHE representative Dimitrij Leporskij went yet on another journey across his country on our behalf. Agreements with the heads of five departments of four universities were signed this time. The departments received notebooks, computers or monitors plus DVD’s, computer programmes and models funded by us and free of charge for them. In return they agreed to stop all animal use in their curricula from 1st September 2012.

These new contracts will save annually more than 2000 frogs, rats, rabbits and guinea-pigs and 340 invertebrates including grasshoppers, squid and earthworms.

Prof. Evgenij Persky of the Department of Biochemistry, Biological faculty, V. N. Karazin Kharkov National University, with the donated notebook and discs. At his department 116 rats were killed every year for surgical and biochemical experiments for educational purposes. Thanks to the donated alternatives this will now be a thing of the past.

Dr. Timur Grinchenko, Head of Department of Botany, Faculty of Biology, Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University and his colleague Dr. Alexander Pinsky with two donated brand new computers and monitors. Every year 260 invertebrates including grasshoppers, squid and earthworms and 220 frogs, carps and rats had to be dissected by students. This will be stopped now for good.

Prof. Anatoly Kubyshkin, Head of the Department of Pathophysiology, Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol with the signed contract and some of the donated alternatives: a notebook and several DVD’s, CD’s and models. In the pathophysiology course rats and frogs were used to demonstrate the response of the body to certain conditions and experimental diseases, including inflammation, fever, hypoxia, starvation, pulmonary edema, diabetes, heart failure, pancreatitis, glomerulonephritis etc. Annually 850 rats and 550 frogs are saved now from dying in these particularly cruel experiments

Dr. Natalya Tarusova, Assistant professor of the Department of Ecology and Zoology, Chemical & Biological Faculty, Bogdan Chmelnitskiy Melitopol State Pedagogical University. Her department received a notebook and a number of books, DVD’s and suture models. In return the dissection of annually 45 vertebrate animals including frogs, rats, pigeons, lizards and 85 invertebrates will be ended.

Prof. Nicolay Khvostovsky, Department of biotechnical systems, Ternopil National Technical University with the donated notebook and other alternatives. So far 287 rabbits, guinea-pigs, rats and frogs were killed every year to teach students physiological properties of nerves, blood vessels and blood. Now these experiments will be permanently replaced by humane teaching methods.

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