Film on humane education

"Humane Education in countries of the former Soviet Union" is the title of a new video film which disproves the traditional opinion that harmful animal use is an inevitable part of education. The major problem in Eastern Europe is the lack of information. Many university teachers don’t know anything about humane education methods. The video is supposed to fill this gap. 

It focuses on the recent positive changes in some of the countries of the former Soviet Union and includes interviews with teachers in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus about their positive experiences with computer programmes, videos and models. 

The film is a joint project of the Russian animal rights organization VITA, InterNICHE Ukraine and Doctors Against Animal Experiments. It will be distributed to hundreds of universities across Ukraine, Russia and Belarus to promote the use of humane teaching tools. 

The expenses of this project of about 8,000 Euros were funded by Doctors Against Animal Experiments.
"Humane Education in countries of the former Soviet Union" (Russian):

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