Promoting humane teaching methods

Press conferences and press releases help to promote the issue of harmful animal use in higher education and the possibilities of animal-friendly studying within the public. At scientific conferences more tertiary teaching staff may become aware of humane teaching methods. In addition we supported the distribution of 150 information packs to Ukrainian universities.

Press conference in Kiev on 1st October 2009

On 1st October 2009, we organized a press conference in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in cooperation with the Russian Center for Animal Rights VITA and the International Network for Humane Education InterNICHE. Issues presented were:  

  • The succesful continuation of our project at four more Ukrainian Universities.
  • Presentation of the videofilm about the positive experiences with humane studying in countries of the former USSR. The film was produced by VITA and funded by Doctors Against Animal Experiments. 

From left to right: Translator Natalia Slipenko, Dr. Corina Gericke of Doctors Against Animal Experiments, our project partner Dimitrij Leporskij and Irina Novozilova of VITA Russia.   

Dimitrij Leporskij is giving an interview to the nationwide Ukrainian political TV channel Rada TV. The program was broadcast on 1st October 2009 . 

In the September 2009 issue of the Ukrainian political magazine Focus an article was published about different animal protection activities in Ukraine, including our project on humane studying.  

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Information stall at biology congress in Lutsk

In September 2009, a congress for biology University teachers took pace in the Northwest Ukrainian city of Lutsk. This was a great opportunity to promote animal-friendly studying.  

Dimitrij Leporskij with his information stall on animal-friendly teaching methods at the biology congress in Lutsk.

Press conference in Kiev on 23rd September 2008

On September 23rd 2008 we organised a press conference in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, together with InterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education. There was considerable media interest, with seven television stations and many print and online media represented. Amongst others, two professors from the universities that had been supplied with the vivisection-free teaching methods gave an account of their experiences.

Press conference in Kiev with dog mannekin »Jerry«. From left to right: Ljubomyr Zayaz, University of Ivano-Frankivsk, Maria Kambur, University of  Sumy, Dimitrij Leporskij, InterNICHE, Nick Jukes, InterNICHE, Lena Manoueva, VITA, Russia.

Considerable media interest.

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