Success in Ukraine

Six further institutes turn to humane education

Next step of our successful projects in Ukraine: Six further academic institutes stop animal experiments and other harmful use of animals in their curricula – thanks to our donation of multimedia equipment and software. Annually 5,300 vertebrate animals including frogs, rats, mice, guinea-pigs, rabbits, pigeons, and dogs and 3,300 invertebrate animals including snails, insects, earthworms, and crabs will now not be subjected to cruel experiments and killed.

Again we provided university teachers with notebooks, video projectors, multimedia programs and videos. In return they pledge to stop the corresponding animal experiments. Contracts were signed with the heads of six institutes.

Our project is now expanding mainly due to word-of-mouth recommendations which show that the teachers are happy with their new humane teaching tools. 

Six new applications required another journey of project manager Dr. Corina Gericke and our Ukrainian project partner Dimitrij Leporskij of InterNICHE Ukraine in December 2010.

This time contracts were signed with following academic institutes:

  • L’viv National Medical University, Department of Pharmacology
  • Luts’k National Lessya Ukrainka Volyn University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Human and Animal Physiology
  • Southern ?ranch NUBiP of Ukraine, Crimean Agrotechnological University of Simferopol, Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Plant Protection
  • Poltava National Pedagogical University, Natural Faculty, Department of Biology of Human and Animals and Department of Botany
  • Skovoroda Kharkiv National University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Zoology
  • Bogdan Chmelnitskiy Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Chemical and Biological Faculty, Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Anatomy

Thanks to our project, a total of 15,000 vertebrate and almost 7,000 invertebrate animals will no longer be killed each year. Contracts were signed so far with 23 institutes of 18 faculties in 11 cities of Ukraine. The total costs for computers, projectors, models and software add up to about 24,000 euros.  

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It should not go unmentioned that we also meet university teachers who insist on their outdated animal use. Our presentations of humane teaching recourses occasionally fall on deaf ears. However, we hope that the good example of the dedicated teachers will convince others sooner or later. The overall result of our project is definitely more than positive. 

Dr. Corina Gericke gives a video projector to Prof. Oleg Pinyazhko, head of the Department of Pharmacology of the L’viv Medical University. In addition a number of multimedia programs and videos were donated. 

Rats are kept in home-made plastic boxes.

Four hours by bus on snowy roads from L’viv to Luts’k.

Dimitrij Leporskij, our committed and untiring contact person, organizer and translator. 

Prof. Andriy Poruchynskiy, head of the Luts’k Faculty of Biology (left), Dimitrij Leporskij and Dr. Corina Gericke with the donated video projector, various simulation programs and the signed contract.

Christmas at the University in Luts’k – Thanks to our project also for the animals which will be saved from a cruel death. 

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Overview of the whole project (in German) >>

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