The REACH project

Since these plans were made public in 2000, we have campaigned for REACH regulation free of animal testing. Despite all efforts of animal welfare advocates, the greater part of the data is still to be gained by animal testing. In the next years between eight and fifty-four million animals are to suffer and die for REACH.

As the result of pressure from animal welfare advocates, a 45 day comment phase was added to REACH. Companies intending to conduct animal tests must first submit testing proposals to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki, responsible for the implementation of REACH. The ECHA then publishes the proposals on its website for 45 days. This period gives us the opportunity to check whether the required data are already available or may be obtained by other methods than animal testing. The ECHA then decides whether or not the animal experiments must be conducted.

Our project

In May 2010 our team was joined by a toxicologist. His task is to submit comments on REACH testing proposals – in collaboration with the BUAV and the ECEAE.

Each testing proposal commented on can prevent animal testing. Together with our specialists and our partners in the ECEAE we will make the best use of the 45 day chance in order to save as many animals as possible from an agonising death by poison.

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