What we do

About us

Doctors Against Animal Experiments

Caring for humans and animals

The association Doctors Against Animal Experiments  

  • supports the immediate abolition of all animal experiments
  • is a charitable organization of doctors and scientists who work in the medical field
  • was founded in 1979
  • is based in Germany and works on a national level
  • works with legal means only.

What we want

  • The abolition of all animal experiments.
  • Increased support of animal-free research.  
  • Increased research, funding and promotion of prevention of diseases.

What we do

  • By providing a research grant (Herbert-Stiller prize), giving scientific lectures and organizing scientific conferences, we actively support and advance animal-free research
  • We provide scientifically based information material on animal experiments (leaflets, brochures, book, videos, website, exhibition) both for doctors and scientists working in the medical field, as well as for the general public.
  • With our media work we make the cruel and unscientific nature of animal experiments public.
  • Our local groups raise public awareness throughout Germany.
  • Our campaigns put pressure on responsible authorities, politicians and companies.
  • Our website is by far the most comprehensive site on animal experiments in the German speaking area. The German version is constantly updated and provides the latest news, facts, background information on this issue.
  • Our internet database about animal experiments which have been carried out in Germany is the only of its kind in the world. It demonstrates that animal experiments are cruel and useless - here and today.
  • We lobby politicians and legislators on a national and international level.
  • With our school project we offer information and discussion events for pupils, teachers and parents.
  • With our Eastern Europe project we provide animal-free teaching tools to Universities who are willing to replace animal dissections in science lessons.
  • We work together with international organizations to influence politics and legislation also on EU level.
  • Our experts help to prevent cruel toxicological tests on animals under REACH, the EU chemical regulation.

We oppose animal experiments for the following reasons:

Criticism of the method 

Experiments on animals are not a suitable method of researching the different causes of human diseases (these may be genetic, psychological, nutritional and/or environmental, to name but a few) nor to develop treatments for such diseases. The relevance of the results of animal tests to the human situation is strongly disputed, their applicability to humans is very questionable and can only be assessed if similar results are at hand from human tests. 

Medical and philosophical aspects

The basic ideals of the medical profession are ignored if animals are down-graded to the level of throw-away tools and can be tortured and killed in endless series of experiments. The science of healing cannot achieve its aim of preserving life, caring for patients and curing disease by means of the painful destruction of the lives of an immense number of fellow-creatures.

Ethical grounds

Animals, too, must be allowed the right to live according to the basic needs of their species, as well as the right of being relieved from pain and suffering.

Medical progress is necessary – but animal experiments are the wrong way to achieve this.