Herbert Stiller Research Grant for animal-free research projects

Call for Applications

The NGO Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE; Ärzte gegen Tierversuche e.V.) announces the Herbert Stiller Research Grant to support animal-free research.

The grant is awarded for excellent innovative research focussing on the investigation and therapy of human diseases. Projects are supported that significantly contribute to medical progress by employing animal-free, human-based approaches. 

The Research Grant is named after a co-founder of the DAAE, Herbert Stiller M.D. (1923-1984), doctor for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. 

Application Criteria

Innovative and human-relevant projects in the medical or biomedical field can be submitted including human-based in vitro models, in silico analyses or clinical and epidemiological studies. The project should aim at a significant contribution to medical progress and to the elimination of animal experimentation (reduction and refinements projects are not accepted). Applicants should accept the abolitionist view of DAAE.

The project should not be supported by other third-party funding. All methods and consumables used within the project must be animal-free (e.g. no FCS or animal-derived antibodies). 

Researchers from Germany and the German-speaking area are invited to submit their applications in German or English (max. 10 pages) including:

  • a short CV of the applicant
  • a list of all researchers involved in the project including affiliations
  • a short abstract
  • a project description (including scientific background, project aim, preliminary work, description of all research methods, relevance for human medicine and elimination of animal experiments)
  • a reference list

The awardee will be selected by the scientific department of Doctors Against Animal Experiments. 

Please send your application (pdf format) to zietek@aerzte-gegen-tierversuche.de

Financial Support and Schedule

The funding amounts to € 20.000. The duration of the project should not exceed 2 years. A progress report has to be submitted after 1 year, and a final report has to be delivered after two years. The project plan is supposed to be presented by the awardee during a public award ceremony. At the end of the project, a summary of the study outcomes will be published on the homepage and social media channels of Doctors Against Animal Experiments.

The application deadline is June 30st 2019. 

Contact Person

Dr. Tamara Zietek
Email: zietek@aerzte-gegen-tierversuche.de 
Phone: +49 2203-90409-88