The board

Board and active members


The board

Dr Andreas GanzMember of the board. Medical doctor, specialist in psychiatry and psychothearpy.

Dr Lucie Braun M.D.

President. Medical doctor and specialist in general medicine, psychiatry and psychiatric treatment. Own practice for psychiatry and psychiatric treatment.

Dr Corina Gericke V.M.D.

Vice-president and research officer. Veterinary surgeon.

Dr Eva Kristina Bee M.D.

Vice-president. Dermatologist with own medical practice.

Dr Rosmarie Lautenbacher M.D.

Member of the board. Specialist in anaesthesia and emergency therapy.

Katharina Feuerlein

Member of the board. Medical doctor, retired.



Claus Kronaus

Chief Executive Officer. Qualified business and IT expert.

Silke Strittmatter*

Research officer. Biologist.

*née Bitz

Dr Gaby Neumann

Research officer. Veterinary surgeon.

Julia Schulz

Research officer. Veterinary surgeon.

Stephanie Elsner

Editor and PR officer.

Roland Sasse

Adminstration officer.

Eva Nimtschek

Supervisor for local groups.

Nicole Spitzer

Administration officer.



Dr Rolf Simon M.D.

Active member. Specialist in orthopaedics and executive emergency doctor.

Dr Eva Katharina Kühner M.D.

Active member. Medical doctor and Master of Science in environment and recourse management.

Dr Marion Balscheit M.D.

Active member. Medical doctor, specialist in anaesthesiology and trauma medicine.

Dr Bernhard Rambeck

Honory member. Biochemist, retired epilepsy researcher.

Dr Martina Kuhtz-Böhnke V.M.D.

Active member within the schools project. Veterinary surgeon.

Dr Wolfgang Wegert M.D.

Active member. Medical doctor and biochemist.